Your Rainforest Mind — The Latest Podcast Interview

Here is the link to an hour long interview of me with Australian, Sophia Elliott, of Our Gifted Kids. You will get to hear my sultry voice, learn the reason I devised the rainforest metaphor, and visit the challenges gifted adults navigate. Walk my path from public school teacher to psychotherapist, blogger, author, consultant, and Instagram wizard! Unfortunately, we did not talk about my years as an Argentine tango dancer or how I’ve spent my life trying to tame my overexcitable hair. (with very little success, I might add) And once you are on the site, you might enjoy some of the other interviews, especially if you are a parent of gifted children.


To my bloggEEs: Thank you for listening! Share your thoughts, feelings, questions, and answers. I always look forward to hearing from you and your comments add so much. Big love to you all.

(Note: For more (!) inspiration, here is a link to a beautiful conversation between the rainforest minds of Senator Cory Booker and Jon Stewart on racism in N. America)

(Another note: Still procrastinating on writing your thoughts to me about seeking love, finding love, losing love, and loving love as the complexified rainforester that you are?? Wait no longer, my darlings. –paula at rainforestmind dot com– And thank you to those who have written so far!)

Author: Paula Prober

I’m a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice based in Eugene, Oregon. I specialize in international consulting with gifted adults and parents of gifted children. I’ve been a teacher and an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon and a frequent guest presenter at Oregon State University and Pacific University. I’ve written articles on giftedness for the Eugene Register-Guard, the Psychotherapy Networker, Advanced Development Journal and online for psychotherapy dot net, Rebelle Society, Thrive, Introvert Dear, and Highly Sensitive Refuge. My first book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth, is a collection of case studies of gifted clients along with many strategies and resources for gifted adults and teens. My second book, Journey Into Your Rainforest Mind: A Field Guide for Gifted Adults and Teens, Book Lovers, Overthinkers, Geeks, Sensitives, Brainiacs, Intuitives, Procrastinators, and Perfectionists is a collection of my most popular blog posts along with writing exercises for self-exploration and insight.

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  1. clignett Avatar

    Ehm.. answer to “another note”…. Procrastinating… yes, I guess I am. 😱
    I can’t seem to agree with myself on what to write, how to write it, and what to include or exclude (if anything).. I’m getting there, slowly.. very slllooowwwlllyyy… 🙈🙈

    Is it a valid excuse that I’m also trying to unclutter and clean up my house (and fixing the many small things I still had to do but was procrastinating on that too) for the sale, and trying to find another place that I could live the rest of my life in (including Indie’s needs – grass, parks, long walks with many sniffing opportunities)? Which means driving to other places and spending time in houses and apartments and deciding that it’s not for us? I’ve come to the conclusion that it will have to be an apartment, I’m not willing to give up space in the house to accommodate a garden. It’s The Netherlands, so houses and apartments are tiny! Especially kitchens and bedrooms! (Unless you have serious money to spend of course)

    And catching Covid in the meantime (from which I recovered quickly, luckily!) 3 days of high fever, coughing my lungs out and a runny nose that would not stop, and then it was gone. Stil feeling like a trainwreck for 2 days after, tired beyond belief, but now much better. And all the time trying to avoid the “normal” dog walking hours, so I could avoid people as much as possible. Wearing a mask helps, it scares people off now it’s no longer demanded. Waving and pointing to my mask 😁

    No? 🙄😳🐶🤣

    1. Paula Prober Avatar
      Paula Prober

      Um…yes, clignett. A VERY valid excuse! Covid itself would certainly qualify! So sorry you had to go through that. By the way, have I told you about the people I know of in the Netherlands? Femke Hovinga-Tiller, Noks Nauta, and Annelie Neuteboom? They would all be worth contacting. Also there is a person who is on Instagram who will be interviewing me for her podcast based in NL. So, there are people you might find also have rainforest minds right in your country!

      1. Marije (Een intense reis - de podcast) Avatar
        Marije (Een intense reis – de podcast)

        I can’t wait to record our podcast Paula! I will talk to you soon and thanks again…

        1. Paula Prober Avatar
          Paula Prober

          I’m looking forward to it, Marije. What if you leave a link and description to your podcast here so my Dutch readers can find it, including clignett! Are there many interviews in English?

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