I have been experimenting with channeling sounds/energies/songs for many years but have kept it largely underground, sharing with friends and a few counseling clients. The sounds vary each time and can be melodic, ethereal, spiritual, indigenous, primal, or funny; usually all of the above. My intention is to channel a message or experience for the listener. People report deep relaxation, meaningful images, spiritual experiences, or particular insights generally after about 5 minutes of channeling. The sounds come through me but I have no knowledge of what the listener is experiencing and yet I do feel a connection to a loving Source. I am curious to know what might develop if I start to offer this channeling to a larger audience. I believe it is time. If you would like to have a song meme session with me, details are below.

There are a few samples on Sound Cloud. And on TikTok.

Paula’s sound channeling is mysterious, potent, and powerful. I’ve been working in the spiritual field for ten years and I’ve never encountered anything like it. What blew me away was the immediacy of the ‘result’ of the experience. The first session prompted an instantaneous personal revelation about my relationship to masculinity and a cleansing emotional release simultaneously. I had not wept like that in quite a while. Naturally, I was prepared for a similar experience the second time, but to my delight I was met with a strong and invigorating sense of inspiration regarding the transmutation of anger into creative force. It is absolutely remarkable to me how quickly and how deeply I recognized ‘the message’ when Paula began using what I could only describe as her innate and organic sonic technology. I asked Paula if I could send some clients her way as the thought of not sharing her work felt criminal! I’m honored to be among the first to receive this truly awesome gift, as I know it will touch so many in miraculous ways.” –Nyoka

“Paula beautiful Sound Channeling will quickly take you to an altered state where you can access your own depth and feel connected to the Universe in whatever way is natural for you. She never imposes specific ideas but rather opens gateways…” -A.A.

“…It was powerful and visceral and unexpected. Very shamanic. There were moments when I had the clear sensation…’OK, it’s not just Paula and I here right now…we’ve got visitors with a message.’ I want to share another experience it reminded me of…are you familiar with Amma, often known as “The Hugging Saint”? She’s an Indian yogini/teacher who offers blessings by hugging and reciting secret mantras in your ear. If the audience and line is big enough, she’ll literally go hours and hours on end just hugging one person at a time. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit her at a stop in Iowa. I received the hug and the mantra in my ear…the sensation/sound/experience of that ‘other dimension’ sound was similar to what I heard and experienced with your song..In short, it was a beautiful gift and blessing and I’m super grateful. What a great experience! Thank you for offering the energy of your gift.  -B.K.


A Song Meme session looks like this: We meet via phone (I call you) and have a few minutes of introductions. I answer any questions you may have. Then, you get comfortable and I sing/channel for you for about 5-10 minutes. I record the song on Garage Band as I sing. When it ends, I will suggest you stay quiet for a while and allow the experience to deepen and unfold. You may write to me later describing your experience, if you’d like. In the meantime, I will save the song in Garage Band, add reverb to make it prettier, and email it to you. Listening to the song later might be soothing or useful in some way. Total time for our interaction will be about 30 minutes but you should plan for an hour so you don’t have to rush somewhere after.

Fill out the contact form below with your name, phone number, location, email, and generally available days/times. Tell me a little about yourself and your interest in the Song Memes. It may take a few days or more for me to get back to you. As you probably know, I have a wait list for consultations but imagine I can fit these sessions in and around my consulting and counseling clients. Right now I am not charging a fee for this but accepting donations, if you choose, via Venmo (Paula-Prober) or PayPal (via my email).

Let me know any questions you have in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you and to our experience of this new adventure! Thank you! Here is a sample of a recent longer channeling where I combined 2 tracks and reverb on Garage Band. Enjoy!

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