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  • Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Have you ever wondered how a rainforest-minded (g-g-g-gifted) adult defines play/fun? Perhaps, you’ve been told that you’re too serious or too studious. That you need to lighten up, relax and have more fun. Be more spontaneous and less OCD. And you respond: “I AM having fun. I’m READING!” Then, you get that doubting or disapproving pat on the head. […]

  • Exuberance and Unending Curiosity

    Do people tell you to lighten up when you’re just trying to enlighten them? Individuals with rainforest minds are often intense and quite bright. They love learning new things and sharing what they learn with others. But you may run into trouble when your cohorts don’t appreciate your long detailed descriptions or your esoteric musings. Perhaps […]